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Kelly in MIZZ magazine!

I didn't see this posted but Kelly's on the front cover of the latest mizz magazine over here in the UK. It only came out today! I'll try and scan it in when my scanner works again, or if anyone has the scans they can post them here!

I wrote out the interview for the mean time:

Kelly gives it some welly!
She's back with a new album and it rocks - but Miss Clarkson's still a down-to-earth gal!

Hey Kelly! IT's so good to have you back - how are things going?
"I'm good, how are you?"

Great, thanks! What have you been up to during your break from the music scene?
"It wasn't really a break so much, just that I've been touring everywhere in the world. Then when I got home, we pretty much went straight into the studio. I'm a workaholic - I love it, I'm almost always working!"

If you'd never entered and won American Idol, what do you think you'd be doing now?
"Oh, I'd be singing. I would have got here somehow, just not as fast."

Your new album's called My December. How would you sum it up?
"Er... An emotional roller coaster!"

Well, the first single from it, Never Again, is definitely quite angry - was it written about anyone in particular?
"No, not really. Some people assume the whole album's angry because of that first single but really, it goes through a whole range of emotions."

So when you're all worked up, what do you do to let your anger out?
"I love spas. I like going out and getting the whole girly treatment - especially massages. If I could be massaged all day long, I would."

There were rumours of a feud with Hilary Duff because a joke you made got blown out of proportion. Did that annoy you?
"Yeah, I never heard that one in America but it was all over Europe!"

Did anyone ever spread stories about you at school when you were younger?
"I come from a small town, so I guess they probably did, but I never heard about it."

If anyone had, what would you have done to get your own back on them?
"I probably just would have walked up to them and been like, 'What? Why did you say that about me?' When people start rumours, all it does is show their own insecurity."

What's the nastiest story you've ever heard about yourself in the media?
"I've never read anything really nasty, but apparently I've been married! It must be fun to go to work and make up stuff all day."

What about the funniest rumour?
"That I was supposedly booed off a plane!"

Have you got any bad habits?
"I twist my hair so much that I think I'm gonna go bald one day. Also, I'm kinda obsessive-compulsive about odd numbers - I hate odd numbers, I only like even-numbered things. I know, it's really weird!"

Do you ever get stage fright performing?
"No, actually. I never get stage fright. I don't really get nervous about singing, I just tend to get excited."

What makes you nervous?
"I guess when I'm on a date and stuff - when you're like, 'Oh god, dating sucks!' Ha ha!"

Don't you think a boy would be more nervous about dating a celeb like you?
"They probably are but, you know, you don't really care about anyone else at the time. You're just worried about your own nerves."

Are you single at the mo, then?
"I am, yeah."

What do you look for in a lad?
"I like funny guys. I hate pretty boys - I like the rugged type. You know, the ones with stubble all over their faces and scruffy hair, who look like they've just rolled out of bed."

If you won big on the lottery, what would you do with the money?
"I'd probably give most of it to charity 'cause I just think it's really bad karma to be greedy and have a lot of money. SO, I'd probably give most of it away and then just go have fun with the rest."

You could have your own spa...
"I could - I'd call it KC's. Actually, I wouldn't buy a spa, I'd rather buy a bar. Somewhere to party and have fun - that's a great idea!"


Kelly's new single, Don't Waste Your Time, is out on September 10th.


Heels or flats?

Straight or curly hair?

Blonde or dark-haired lads?
"Eww, no blondes - gross! Dark."

Fave beauty product?

Worst subject at school?

Girls Aloud or Sugababes?

Fave TV show?

Fave treat?
"Choc-chip cookies"

Dogs or cats?

Who would win in a fight - Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse?

Weirdest fan gift?
"A huge bra!"

Motto in life
"Don't hang out with idiots.
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