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Kelly's Grammy's!

As you all know Kelly and Reba were nominated to Best Country Collaboration With Vocals at Grammy Awards 2008 and Kelly was invited to Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party.

Kelly couldn't go to Clive Davis' party because she is really busy with Reba in their 2 Worlds 2 Voices Tour, so Clive won't have the "happiness" of seeing Kelly this time.

And unfortunately, this wasn't their night... Reba and Kelly lost their award to Willie Nelson & Ray Price and Kelly also got some good and bad comments. The good comments are about her clothers, you can check the comments by seeing the video below. The not so good comment came from E! Online during the interview with Carrie Underwood, winner of American Idol 4:

Underwood's advice for American Idol's latest batch of contestants: "Don't take anything for granted." And if Clive Davis were here, I'm sure he'd add: "Don't make albums that Clive Davis doesn't want you to, Kelly Clarkson."

Carrie Underwood didn't won the Grammy for the same category as Kelly and Reba. And is really good for them to get even nominated to Grammy, this shows that their are really talented and deserves to be noticed by awards like Grammy.

E! Online - Kelly's clothers (02.10.2008) -

New interviews!

Kelly Clarkson gave three new interviews to radios by telephone talking about her new tour (My December World Tour) with Mandy Moore and others, about her life and much more. In Rabbit, Amber and Louie's interview she said how she had to hide her car for almost a year and her many driving mishaps. And in the interview from Labrat, Camilla and Stav she said that she likes the girls from Sex and the City and she has lost $100 in a bet and much more. The Matt and Jo interview reveals why she thinks she might die young, what's in store for her upcoming tour and more! Check out the audios below:

Interview - Rabbit, Amber & Louie Show (02.14.2008) -
Interview - Kyle & Jackie O Show (02.14.2008) - DOWNLOAD
Interview - Labrat, Camilla & Stav Show (02.14.2008) - DOWNLOAD
*NEW Interview - Matt and Jo Show (02.14.2008) - DOWNLOAD

Max Martin working in Clarkson's album too?

According to HeyBritney, Max Martin, creator of successful hits like Baby One More Time, Oops! I Did It Again, Overprotected, among many others Britney Spears songs, said in an interview that he's working with Kelly Clarkson in her new project. Check out the line when he talks about her:

"I am working on a new project for Kelly Clarkson, I also sent a couple of songs to Britney, maybe she'll want to come back with a great rock song".

Seams like Kelly is choosing the best of the best for her new album. smile

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